Grill'd We need your token!  For the month of May, if you dine at Grill’d Casuarina you will receive a token, place in Wildcare’s jar to support us.

THANK YOU to all the people who placed a token in the Grill’d jar for us.  WE WON.  Thanks Grill’d for giving us the opportunity to participate.

Open Garden at 185 Wallaby Holtz Rd on the 3rd & 4th July, come along and have morning tea with us.

Bunnings BBQ in Palmerston on the 18th July, why not pop down for a sausage while you shop.

Berry Springs Markets on the 29th August, we will be selling Bacon & Egg sandwiches, along with sausages and chips.

Open Garden at 10 Ashley St, Stuart Park on the 25th & 26th September, come along and have a sausage while enjoying the rainforest garden.

Donate the funds from your cans and bottles to Wildcare for the next 6 months, just go along to the TOMRA collection centre at Coconut Grove.

Donated items

Sea Swift Thank you for transporting the below bird cages to Darwin for us.


Anindilyakwa Land Council  Thank you to the ALC Rangers for your donation of wonderful bird cages.


ARC     Thankyou for your food donations.


Firefighters Thank you for your donation of funds and wonderful calendars for us to sell.


Exotic graphixThank you to Exotic Graphix for their donation of One Way Vision stickers for our vehicles.


Roadside Thank you to Roadside Services and Solutions for their wonderful donation of road signs for both Darwin and Katherine.


Cremasco Civil  Thank you for donating the graffiti remover to clean our signs and assisting in getting the Katherine signs installed.


NT General Store1 Thank you for  the wonderful Gazebo printed with our logo.


Karina - Colorado Karina - Bat wraps  Karina in Colorado US has kindly sewn numerous bat warps and pouches for our carers.


Gretchen - NZ2 Gretchen in NZ has also kindly sewn pouches and liners to share.


And Thank you to all the other people from all over the world that have sent us wonderful hand made items.

2021 Wildcare Meeting Dates

Wildcare meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, commencing at 7.30pm.

Venue – Palmerston RSL – Next to the Palmerston Golf Club

22nd June

27th July

24th August

28th September

23rd October 

23rd November – Xmas nibbles

Recent donations – Thank you

May 2021

Deirdre Allen
Jacquene Cranna
Melissa in Leanyer
Y B Jarman
Anula Primary School – Class 3/4
Sue McWhirter
Bill Fry – From everyone who made a donation at Fred Pass Markets
Tomra Collection Centre – All those people that donated cans/bottles

April 2021

Tarni Brown
John Dunstan
Jacquene Cranna
NT General Store

March 2021

Jacquene Cranna
Marie Walker – Lorella Springs
Amanda Sutton
Kay Withnall
Jo Leonard
Tomra Collection Centre – All those people that donated cans/bottles

February 2021

Money Monarch & Eco-Accounts
Jacquene Cranna 
Pam Hamill

 Sincere Thanks

Grants received – Thank you

Animal Welfare Fund – funding for Poly Tape to continue taping fences to prevent nocturnal animals from being caught on barbed wire


Animal Welfare Fund –  funding to build possum logs to release possums in & to create starter kits for new members


litchfield_council new  Litchfield Council – funding towards building possum boxes for people to purchase at a reduced cost


COD logo   City of Darwin – funding for a shipping container to store our food and donated items for carers


Community Benefit Fund logo   Community Benefit Fund – funding for food to assist in the COVID19 crisis